The Renville County Economic Development Authority (EDA) fosters county business growth, development and expansion through a variety of programs and by working along side its ten communities, residents and businesses. Together ideas are explored and implemented to promote growth, improve the economic well being and quality of life in the county by assessing the needs, assets and goals surrounding individual situations and projects.

The Renville County EDA is committed to economic development and assisting with your development needs. We strive to provide a powerful platform of economic resources that renville County residents, communities and businesses can build on to reach their full potential. Contact the Economic Development office for the following economic development services;

  • Business Assistance & Development
  • Financial Resources
  • Technical Assistance
  • Revolving Loan Funds
  • Referrals and more

Renville County is well known for its agricultural innovations including crop and animal cooperatives, seed crop breeding, production and farmers willing to experiment with newly developed agricultural technology. Renville County has a population of 14,892(2015) with Olivia, the "Corn Capital" as the largest city and county seat. Renville County is home to the Southern Minnesota Sugar-Beet Cooperative the largest employer in the county with more than 600 employees. Other well-known operations and large employers include Mycogen, BASF, Tripple J Farms and Revier Cattle Company. Several manufacturing facilities are located in the county which produce products sold throughout the world. They include Schweiss Manufacturing with state of the art overhead doors, Loftness Manufacturing with renowned agricultural and forestry products, and K&M Manufacturing, producer of truck and tractor seats and other quality fabricated products.