Renville County EDA’s Community Impact Funds
2018 Program Guidelines

 This program has been designed for projects that will enhance community aesthetics, building capacity and amenities within your community.

GRANT AMOUNT: The maximum grant amount is $1,000.

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Townships and Cities.


  • Blight removal
  • City park projects
  • Community amenity projects
  • Community development/capacity
  • Community enhancement projects
  • Community related sign purchases
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Trail development


  • A minimum of a 1:1 match from applicant contribution and/or other funds is required.
  • Must be a specific project that has the potential to enhance the community.  
  • Application must be submitted to the EDA prior to project completion
  • Community education/recreation and community festival projects are not eligible.
Applications are due by April 10 and October 10.

Printable Application
To Fill out and submit online Click Here