Renville County Community Life
Renville County is comprised of 27 Townships and 10 cities which include; Bird Island, Buffalo Lake, Danube, Fairfax, Franklin, Hector, Morton, Olivia, Renville and Sacred Heart. Living and working in Renville County has many benefits, such as the quiet small town atmosphere with larger cities not far away. Renville County is a safe place to raise your kids, to retire and everything in between. Renville County offers its residents the ability to slow down and enjoy the good things in life.

Renville County History
Renville County was named for Joseph Renville, a famous pioneer in the west central frontier of Minnesota. Renville was born in 1779 in the village of Kaposia. His father was a French fur trader and his mother a Dakotah and member of the Little Crow band of Sioux.  He served as a guide and interpreter for the government and fur trading companies, eventually he established his own trading post at La Qui Parle where he later died. Renville is remembered as a friend to the Sioux Indians and white travelers alike. His relationship with the Indian tribes was instrumental in maintaining peace for the new frontier.

The county was established in 1855 by an act of the Minnesota Legislature. The first county election was held in 1862 but the records were lost during the US – Dakota War. These election results were not filed with the State and no action was taken by the Legislature to declare Renville County an organized county. Finally in 1866 the County was declared organized and a second election was held.

Area Schools
Renville County offers local public and parochial school options to its residents. The majority of students attend BLHS, BOLD or RCW schools however, open-enrollment policies allow families to choose the best fit for themselves.

Each school in Renville County and the surrounding area follow the Minnesota State academic excellence guidelines and standards.

Renville County schools:
Bird Island-Olivia District (BOLD)
Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart (BLHS)
Renville County West (RCW)
St. Mary's

Near by public schools:
Cedar Mountain
Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop (GFW)
Redwood Valley
Yellow Medicine East (YME)

Secondary schools:
Minnesota West *
Ridgewater College *
Southwest Minnesota State University *
*Located within 45 minutes of Renville County