Renville County HRA/EDA Board and Committee Members

The Renville County HRA/EDA board represents each of the five districts in the County.

HRA/EDA Board Members:

  • Chair- Deb Lingl, District 3
  • Vice Chair- Janette Wertish, District 5
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Joel Harmoning, District 2
  • Sandy Housman, District 1
  • Blair Anderson, At-Large
  • Mark Thiesse, District 4
  • Todd Horkey, Board At-Large
  • Ex Officio - Randy Kramer, County Commissioner 
  • Ex Officio Alternate -  Bob Fox, County Commissioner 
  • Ag Rep to the Board - Gerry Kodet, Ag/Renewable Energy Rep.

    The HRA/EDA board typically meets on the 4th Thursday of the month in the Renville County Government Services Center room 312.

The Ag & Renewable Energy Committee of the Renville County HRA/EDA is committed to exploring, supporting and increasing the agricultural and renewable energy possibilities in Renville County.

Ag/RE Committee Members:

  • Brad Nere
  • Barb Frank
  • Pat Halbe
  • Gerry Kodet
  • Leah Schueler

The HRA/EDA also supports an Advisory Committee made of volunteers who represent each of the ten communities in Renville County. The Advisory Committee assists the HRA/EDA with the planning of programming based on the needs and ideas from citizens around the County.

Advisory Committee Members:

  • Deb Lingl, Bird Island
  • Jean Thielke, Buffalo Lake
  • Dotty Schnobrich, Danube
  • Marcia Seibert-Volz, Fairfax
  • Robin Kokesch, Franklin
  • Kathy Blackwell, Hector
  • Shirley Dove, Morton
  • Mayor Sue Hilgert, Olivia
  • Janette Wertish, Renville
  • Brenda Johnson, Sacred Heart

    The HRA/EDA board governs the office staff, part time maintenance specialist and Housing Contract

  • Susie Lang, Economic Development Coordinator

Staff may be reached by e-mail at

       Housing Contacts: