Community Impact Funds

Community Impact Funds

Renville County EDA’s Community Impact Funds 2018 Program Guidelines

This program has been designed for projects that will enhance community aesthetics, building capacity and amenities within your community.


  • The maximum grant amount is $1,000.


  • Townships and Cities.


  • Blight removal
  • City park projects
  • Community amenity projects
  • Community development/capacity
  • Community enhancement projects
  • Community related sign purchases
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Trail development


  • A minimum of a 1:1 match from applicant contribution and/or other funds is required.
  • Must be a specific project that has the potential to enhance the community.  
  • Application must be submitted to the EDA prior to project completion
  • Community education/recreation and community festival projects are not eligible.

Applications are due by April 10 and October 10.

Category: Community Impact

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